24 Skincare Habits To Avoid

Most people don't recognize that their habits may be causing damage to their skin. Here is a list of bad skincare habits to avoid from here on out!
  1. Pulling and tugging your skin while applying skincare
  2. Not washing your face daily
  3. Not moisturizing
  4. Not cleansing your skin after removing your makeup
  5. Not wearing SPF year round
  6. Exfoliating daily with harsh scrubs
  7. Leaving your makeup on overnight
  8. Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase
  9. Touching your face with dirty hands
  10. Not showering after a workout
  11. Not applying skincare products correctly
  12. Not drinking enough water
  13. Popping your zits incorrectly
  14. Picking at your blemishes
  15. Not cleaning makeup brushes regularly
  16. Using too many products with alcohol in them
  17. Using expired products
  18. Using a dirty or abrasive towel to wash or dry your skin
  19. Applying your facial cleanser to dry skin
  20. Not washing your hand prior to washing your face
  21. Not using the appropriate products for your skin type/condition
  22. Lack of sleep 
  23. Lack of water intake 
  24. Not exercising 

See how even the smallest habits you probably didn't think really mattered could actually be bad for your skin health! 

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